Pitanje 1:

I ____ (drive) along this country road and I ___ (be) completely lost.

Pitanje 2:

The dog _________ (bark) while the cat ______ (sit) on the wall.

Pitanje 3:

Finally you ______ (come). I ____________ (wait) for you for hours.

Pitanje 4:

MacFee ____ (pass) to Franklyn. Franklyn ___ (make) a quick pass to Booth. Booth is away with the ball, but he _____ (lose) his advantage.

Pitanje 5:

I ________ (not want) to go to the movies because I ______ (already see) that movie.

Pitanje 6:

She ______ (teach) English language in the Oak High School but currently she ________ (hold) literature seminars at the university.

Pitanje 7:

And then I ____ (see) this old fellow. He _____ (lean) against a gate.

Pitanje 8:

___you (know) that guy? The one that _____ (talk) to my wife?

Pitanje 9:

She _______ (sing) beautifully while he _______ (play) the piano.

Pitanje 10:

John _______ (go) out few minutes ago and Anna _______(write) a letter in her room.

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