Pitanje 1:

If your camera fails to ....... as expected, you should check the troubleshooting section of your instruction manual.

Pitanje 2:

Helen Moody ....... a record of eight Wimbledon singles titles.

Pitanje 3:

lf a defender ___ with a free throw, holds or sinks an attacker, he’s excluded from the game for 20 seconds.

Pitanje 4:

Now I can see quite clearly that the big red car has ........

Pitanje 5:

The small cafe situated near platform 6 is now ....... free cups of tea to those waiting for the London train.

Pitanje 6:

Alan: Oh, yes I've heard of them. Do they ....... you with your English?

Pitanje 7:

Fortunately he made it to the pub before the storm ........

Pitanje 8:

He saw the ants and ....... them with all the strength he could find to let him have a little food.

Pitanje 9:

We will always remember the way you stood up and ....... at some of the speeches in the play.

Pitanje 10:

People have ....... against each other in bowling for thousands of years.

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