Pitanje 1:

Alan: Oh, yes I've heard of them. Do they ....... you with your English?

Pitanje 2:

Oh dear, listeners, I shall have to return you to the studio because the policeman says he is going to ....... me.

Pitanje 3:

The reason for this is that the Fiesta is ....... our delivery lorry from leaving the premises.

Pitanje 4:

I ....... a lot of presents for my birthday.

Pitanje 5:

He jumps down from the platform onto the ....... and waves at the train driver to stop. The train stops and Andrew gets onto it.

Pitanje 6:

What time do you ....... up in the morning?

Pitanje 7:

Now Sally is an entirely different kettle of fish. Her philosophy runs as follows: Worrying never gets you anywhere and life is too short to ....... time imagining the worst.

Pitanje 8:

The conversation went as follows: I hear you live in this village, too — How do you .......? asked Andrew.

Pitanje 9:

Michael Schumacher has ....... Formula 1 racing over the past decade.

Pitanje 10:

Wherever George went, journalists would follow him to try and find a way to ....... him.

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