Pitanje 1:

I am very pleased to be working with you because I think the same way and ....... with your policies.

Pitanje 2:

Everyone lost their money when the so-called treasurer ....... with all the society's savings.

Pitanje 3:

If child A steals child B's exercise book, child A will have to stand up in front of the school and ....... to being a thief.

Pitanje 4:

By the time I had reached the bottom of the mountain, I ....... extremely tired.

Pitanje 5:

Although the bank had turned down his application twice, they suddenly had a change of heart and decided to ....... to his request for a loan.

Pitanje 6:

Television can give you a very good idea of how people live in different countries as it can ....... scenes from every day life.

Pitanje 7:

I do apologise for talking to you a minute ago only I ....... you for one of my colleagues, who looks exactly like you.

Pitanje 8:

If you ....... your enterprise on sand, it's certain to fail eventually.

Pitanje 9:

Chief executives then start making pleasant speeches and smile a lot because they want to ....... the concerns of their borrowers.

Pitanje 10:

We will get as near as we can to your requirements but we may not be able to ....... all your needs.

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