Pitanje 1:

By the time the plane took off as you can ......., we were all tired, hungry and miserable.

Pitanje 2:

It's impossible to say exactly why I think that's the case. All I can say is that I ....... it in my bones.

Pitanje 3:

On such an occasion like that I market well and always make them ....... the one we have most of.

Pitanje 4:

If you ....... to take that step in your career, you have only yourself to blame if it all goes wrong.

Pitanje 5:

Time will ....... whether we have made the right decision.

Pitanje 6:

The worst part naturally of any meal whatever the time of day is having to ....... the bill.

Pitanje 7:

They decided to get dressed at once and take the two girls to their aunt's house. Henry ....... the police but asked them to keep the news from the press.

Pitanje 8:

Unfortunately the event was never ....... because no one had considered the reaction of the local people to the noise of a loud pop concert.

Pitanje 9:

The first thing she recommended was for us to ....... all the people who were involved.

Pitanje 10:

Television can give you a very good idea of how people live in different countries as it can ....... scenes from every day life.

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