Pitanje 1:

The first thing she recommended was for us to ....... all the people who were involved.

Pitanje 2:

Thai cuisine is one of the most romantic of the Asian cuisines as it still ....... an element of mystery and exoticism.

Pitanje 3:

As one of our party was over 60 she was ....... to a reduction in the price of the ticket.

Pitanje 4:

On such an occasion like that I market well and always make them ....... the one we have most of.

Pitanje 5:

Andrew Higgins kept a close watch on the platform from which Henry was making his speech, while several plainclothes policemen ....... inconspicuously with the crowd.

Pitanje 6:

If child A steals child B's exercise book, child A will have to stand up in front of the school and ....... to being a thief.

Pitanje 7:

The firm has decided to ....... which means they don't want me.

Pitanje 8:

At eleven o'clock he ....... a brief visit to a public house on the estate. Henry couldn't offer to buy anyone a drink because he knew very well that his opponents would consider that to be dishonest. So he let one of his supporters buy him a drink ins

Pitanje 9:

He finds breathing very difficult in restricted spaces as he ....... from asthma.

Pitanje 10:

Eventually they made their minds up and ....... to appoint the outsider to the job.

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