Pitanje 1:

I've always thought of her as the kind of person you can trust, you know the sort you can ....... on.

Pitanje 2:

Other papers asked the question: How can we trust our politicians if they ....... on society?

Pitanje 3:

For goodness' sake hurry up because if we don't ....... cracking soon we'll miss the bus.

Pitanje 4:

Unfortunately the event was never ....... because no one had considered the reaction of the local people to the noise of a loud pop concert.

Pitanje 5:

If child A steals child B's exercise book, child A will have to stand up in front of the school and ....... to being a thief.

Pitanje 6:

The strings on the puppet were all intertwined and it took us ages to ....... them.

Pitanje 7:

The result of the election didn't give either candidate a clear majority but in the end the leader of the opposition agreed to step down and ....... to the wishes of the electorate.

Pitanje 8:

It was quite clear they didn't want me because I was told not to ....... to come back to work tomorrow.

Pitanje 9:

You needn't worry about that regulation as it has nothing to do with you and doesn't ....... to your situation.

Pitanje 10:

He ....... to have sailed single-handed round the world but personally I don't believe him.

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