Pitanje 1:

Start reading the story from page 4 and then go on until you ....... the end of the chapter.

Pitanje 2:

You can have whichever one you want as I'll let you ....... from these examples here.

Pitanje 3:

The boss was good enough to ....... my mistake.

Pitanje 4:

It was quite clear they didn't want me because I was told not to ....... to come back to work tomorrow.

Pitanje 5:

The question must always be in the mind of the writer whether what is being written is likely to ....... a threat to the safety of the community at large.

Pitanje 6:

Thai cuisine is one of the most romantic of the Asian cuisines as it still ....... an element of mystery and exoticism.

Pitanje 7:

They have decided to ....... a line in the sand and start all over again.

Pitanje 8:

By the time I had reached the bottom of the mountain, I ....... extremely tired.

Pitanje 9:

Of course if speed is the most important thing, you can always ....... up your lunch from the take away cafe.

Pitanje 10:

I'm sorry to tell you but she is simply ....... that this will be the result but she has no actual proof.

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