Pitanje 1:

I do apologise for talking to you a minute ago only I ....... you for one of my colleagues, who looks exactly like you.

Pitanje 2:

By the time the plane took off as you can ......., we were all tired, hungry and miserable.

Pitanje 3:

Other papers asked the question: How can we trust our politicians if they ....... on society?

Pitanje 4:

He intended to ....... across the channel with a parachute and land on the coast of France near Calais.

Pitanje 5:

The trouble with her is that she always exaggerates and ....... an issue out of everything.

Pitanje 6:

Well, I think I'll ....... to sleep now.

Pitanje 7:

Please come back soon and ....... the work you started two weeks ago.

Pitanje 8:

If you can ....... the cost of travel, there is of course no substitute for visiting the country itself.

Pitanje 9:

As a new employee she's very anxious to do the right thing and hopes that her new project ....... with the approval of her boss.

Pitanje 10:

Dear Sir, having read your advertisement, I should like to ....... this letter as my application for the post of marketing manager.

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