Pitanje 1:

I find these mathematical puzzles too ....... and prefer the more straightforward type.

Pitanje 2:

At lunch time he went to his sister's house to see his wife and daughters. They had spent the morning addressing envelopes for the leaflets he was sending out. His sister, Vera, thoroughly ....... of his involvement in politics.

Pitanje 3:

Well, I think I'll ....... to sleep now.

Pitanje 4:

Of course if speed is the most important thing, you can always ....... up your lunch from the take away cafe.

Pitanje 5:

The result of the election didn't give either candidate a clear majority but in the end the leader of the opposition agreed to step down and ....... to the wishes of the electorate.

Pitanje 6:

By then of course it was too late because the damage had already been done to his career, which ....... everything else he did for the rest of his life.

Pitanje 7:

As soon as the doctor looked at her, he was able to ....... the cause of her frequent headaches.

Pitanje 8:

The sands are ....... and everything is changing in this century.

Pitanje 9:

Of course as you grow older, you ....... in the luxury of short sleeps during the day.

Pitanje 10:

Her ability to ....... facts and figures quickly was the main reason for her rapid rise in the business.

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