Pitanje 1:

It ....... every time I drink a cup of tea.

Pitanje 2:

First you ___ (boil) some water. Then you ____ (warm) the teapot. Then you ___ (add) three teaspoons of tea.

Pitanje 3:

The concert _____ (begin) at 7:30 pm and _____ (end) at 9:30 pm.

Pitanje 4:

I sometimes ______ (stay) up till midnight.

Pitanje 5:

I ____ (bet) you were nervous just before your driving test.

Pitanje 6:

Soccer ....... now a popular sport in most countries.

Pitanje 7:

The bus _____ (leave) at 10 am sharp.

Pitanje 8:

David and Anna ______ (exchange) alarmed glances.

Pitanje 9:

John _______ (travel) a lot all his life and he ______ (enjoy) it.

Pitanje 10:

I usually _____ (watch) TV in the evening.

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