Pitanje 1:

I usually _____ (watch) TV in the evening.

Pitanje 2:

She _____ (spend) all her money on clothes every single month.

Pitanje 3:

_____ you ever (visit) France and its capital, Paris?

Pitanje 4:

Peter ____ (work) 40 hours a week.

Pitanje 5:

I _____ (promise) everything will be all right.

Pitanje 6:

Can you remember the last time you ....... such an exciting time?

Pitanje 7:

Kate Fox's novel is an historical romance set in London in the 1880s. The action _____ (take) place over a period of 30 years.

Pitanje 8:

Make a negative answer! Do you want to come over for a dinner tonight?

Pitanje 9:

Make a negative! My mum always cooks dinner for us.

Pitanje 10:

John ....... his bicycle every day.

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