Pitanje 1:

My mother _______ (wear) glasses all the time.

Pitanje 2:

I'm glad to know that you have ....... me for what I have done.

Pitanje 3:

John ....... his bicycle every day.

Pitanje 4:

How often ____ (you go) to dentist?

Pitanje 5:

Peter ____ (work) 40 hours a week.

Pitanje 6:

A lot of architects _______ (have) their own companies these days.

Pitanje 7:

He ______ (like) to walk to school and he always _____ (do) so.

Pitanje 8:

I ____ (see) there are roadworks in the street again.

Pitanje 9:

I ______ (not drink) coffee.

Pitanje 10:

My father _____ (work) in a bank.

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