Pitanje 1:

Make a question! We have our passports with us.

Pitanje 2:

Summer ______ (follow) spring.

Pitanje 3:

John ______ (smoke) a lot.

Pitanje 4:

Flowers ....... good.

Pitanje 5:

She ....... to swim when it is hot.

Pitanje 6:

_____ you ever (visit) France and its capital, Paris?

Pitanje 7:

It didn't take long for the children to ....... off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.

Pitanje 8:

....... by air because the cost of flying is very high.

Pitanje 9:

Make a question! Every Monday, Peter drives his kids to school.

Pitanje 10:

I ....... her every day and she never says hello to me.

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