Pitanje 1:

These roses ____ (smell) really good.

Pitanje 2:

Sometimes I ....... what the teacher says to me.

Pitanje 3:

Make a question! The class starts tomorrow at 8 am.

Pitanje 4:

A lot of architects _______ (have) their own companies these days.

Pitanje 5:

Make a negative answer! Do you want to come over for a dinner tonight?

Pitanje 6:

I ____ (declare) this exhibition open.

Pitanje 7:

My mother _______ (wear) glasses all the time.

Pitanje 8:

I never __________ (eat) meat.

Pitanje 9:

What your sister ____ (do) in her life? She is a student.

Pitanje 10:

Make a question! We have our passports with us.

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