Pitanje 1:

Oh my God, look! That girl ____ (wear) same shirt as me!!

Pitanje 2:

What your daughter ____ (do) these days?

Pitanje 3:

____ you (come)? Whole family ____ (wait) just for you! Hurry up!

Pitanje 4:

Listen! Somebody's phone ____ (ring).

Pitanje 5:

Later tonight I ....... my uncle, who is ill in hospital.

Pitanje 6:

Look! The train _____ (leave).

Pitanje 7:

Mike: Suddenly I'm ....... much better. I won't see the doctor today. Good bye.

Pitanje 8:

Who you (talk) to now, me or him?

Pitanje 9:

The novel I ____ (read) is very interesting.

Pitanje 10:

He ______ (arrive) tomorrow morning on the 13.30 train.

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