Pitanje 1:

____ your mum (make) breakfast every morning?

Pitanje 2:

What is the name of that picture which you ....... on the wall.

Pitanje 3:

____ anyone(follow) us?

Pitanje 4:

She ______ (study) English at Durham University these days.

Pitanje 5:

Someone ____ (knock) at the door. Can you answer it?

Pitanje 6:

Later tonight I ....... my uncle, who is ill in hospital.

Pitanje 7:

Look how nervous that girl is. I think she ___ (wait) for somebody.

Pitanje 8:

What is that funny? Why ____ you (laugh)?

Pitanje 9:

Where is Anna? -We _____ (see) one of Shakespeare's plays in the theatre together.

Pitanje 10:

Who you (talk) to now, me or him?

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