Pitanje 1:

I am in a hurry. I __________ (meet) him at 3 o’clock and, with this traffic, I am not sure if I can make it.

Pitanje 2:

You are late, hurry up! Your father _______(get) nervous.

Pitanje 3:

The previous manager made a mistake. Now we _______ (reorganise) the whole project plan.

Pitanje 4:

You can’t see it. It is not done yet. I ________ (work, still) on it

Pitanje 5:

She can’t come down. She ______ (write) a letter.

Pitanje 6:

Here is the news read by Alan Townend. Today the Government is ....... plans for a new scheme to help society.

Pitanje 7:

Come on, come with me! I want you to go to the party with me. - ______________ (serve) any food there? I ______ (come) if there is no food.

Pitanje 8:

Let them be, don’t meddle! They ______ (argue/ always) like that.

Pitanje 9:

That stupid dog ....... all day long.

Pitanje 10:

If you want you can stay with me today. My mother _______ (bake) a pie.

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