Pitanje 1:

You should always check the sell ....... date of things you buy in the supermarket.

Pitanje 2:

....... the election campaign Henry's wife and his two teenage daughters worked night and day for him

Pitanje 3:

He finds himself in a very difficult situation since you could say he's ....... a rock and a hard place.

Pitanje 4:

As most of the men were ....... at work, his audience consisted mainly of women and young children.

Pitanje 5:

The railways system is very efficient as the trains always arrive ....... time.

Pitanje 6:

My opinion is that they don't know what to do and are merely playing ....... time.

Pitanje 7:

I wish we could stick to the subject and just consider the topic ....... issue.

Pitanje 8:

Felix Baumgartner recently basejumped out of a plane 9,000 metres ....... Dover, a port on the south coast of England.

Pitanje 9:

We panicked when we got near the house because we could see smoke issuing ....... the top bedroom window.

Pitanje 10:

All the reporters of the war were issued ....... bulletproof jackets to give them better protection.

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