Pitanje 1:

I hope you can be patient for a little longer and bear ....... me while I try and solve the problem.

Pitanje 2:

The result of this was that we were held ....... for six hours in the departure lounge waiting for the end of the dispute.

Pitanje 3:

Animals and humans use the evaporation of water to ....... heat that is absorbed from the sun or generated by metabolic activity and exercise.

Pitanje 4:

The time has now come when it will be necessary to ....... making a plan.

Pitanje 5:

We're expecting a visit from a French couple soon so I'll have to bone ....... on my French.

Pitanje 6:

I need to find some kind of chemical that will ....... the weeds in the garden.

Pitanje 7:

The Scottish Parliament has appointed Mr. Maley to ....... an assessment of the current cost estimate and likely completion date of a new information technology project.

Pitanje 8:

Items such as pointed scissors and ice skates are examples of articles that are not permitted in your ....... baggage when boarding an aircraft.

Pitanje 9:

I do take my hat ....... to the new director for having pulled the company back from bankruptcy.

Pitanje 10:

What I would like you to do is to pay me ....... my money and take 'Supercut' away.

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