Pitanje 1:

If you want to join that club, you have to ....... a form and send it to your secretary.

Pitanje 2:

An eagle, if pressed for food, might ....... a small baby that had been left in the open unprotected, but such an opportunity must occur very rarely.

Pitanje 3:

That was the day he thought he was going to be blown ....... by a bomb.

Pitanje 4:

I do take my hat ....... to the new director for having pulled the company back from bankruptcy.

Pitanje 5:

We were in a small rowing boat and were terrified that the steamer hadn't seen us as it was bearing ....... on us.

Pitanje 6:

I hope you can be patient for a little longer and bear ....... me while I try and solve the problem.

Pitanje 7:

We're expecting a visit from a French couple soon so I'll have to bone ....... on my French.

Pitanje 8:

The Scottish Parliament has appointed Mr. Maley to ....... an assessment of the current cost estimate and likely completion date of a new information technology project.

Pitanje 9:

India and Iran will continue to deepen ties and ....... bilateral projects, including the tri-nation pipeline and a multi-billion dollar gas deal.

Pitanje 10:

Finland and the Finnish upper secondary education system constitute a good example of the fact that it is possible to ....... very extensive readjustments with a view to making a system more flexible and adapted to individualized learning.

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