Pitanje 1:

Yesterday I ___ (have) some new classes. I ___ (learn) a lot of new things.

Pitanje 2:

I think it _______ (take place) in 1945.

Pitanje 3:

....... you do much sightseeing when you were on vacation in Madrid?

Pitanje 4:

I ____ (meet) him when I was at college.

Pitanje 5:

....... you leave my shoes outside last night?

Pitanje 6:

We _______(wait) till he _____ (arrive).

Pitanje 7:

I ____ (attend) the meeting as recently as last week.

Pitanje 8:

Why you _____ (call) me yesterday? (negative)

Pitanje 9:

I ____ (go) to the movies last night.

Pitanje 10:

I _______ (think) she _____ (move) into the house two years ago.

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