Pitanje 1:

The museum is open to everybody. It ________ between 9am and 5pm.

Pitanje 2:

A penalty shot is _______ when a major foul is committed inside the 5-meter line.

Pitanje 3:

Picasso's genius as an artist was ....... by many people.

Pitanje 4:

People with a known history oftuberculosis will automatically be ....... from entering Australia.

Pitanje 5:

I've just ....... that the price has gone up again.

Pitanje 6:

Passengers are strongly ....... not to check in valuable and fragile items as baggage.

Pitanje 7:

Active: People often find lost things in the street. Passive:

Pitanje 8:

Employees at the garment factory were forced to work twelve hour shifts as they were ....... for time to complete the order.

Pitanje 9:

Fellow citizens I am honoured to be ....... to speak to you tonight about my party.

Pitanje 10:

Severe storms last night together with heavy rainfall means that some of the lines of the station are now ........

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