Pitanje 1:

The children ....... taken to school by bus every day.

Pitanje 2:

The castle ....... built in the 15th century.

Pitanje 3:

following the old story about that strange man who ....... to drop sand in their eyes near bed time.

Pitanje 4:

Is he ....... arrested as we speak?

Pitanje 5:

Newspapers are ....... to people's doors every day.

Pitanje 6:

Active: While we were painting the doors, she was decorating the walls. Passive:

Pitanje 7:

Active: Nobody has told me what to do yet. Passive:

Pitanje 8:

I was ....... this morning and had to empty my desk this afternoon.

Pitanje 9:

One year later the date of the general election was ....... by the Prime Minister.

Pitanje 10:

This piece of information was discovered by one keen local reporter and was ....... up out of all proportion by the national press.

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