Pitanje 1:

In our publicity, unlike our political ......., we do not make a lot of noise about our policies.

Pitanje 2:

He described the ....... very carefully.

Pitanje 3:

It will come as no ....... to you I'm sure if I tell you that this interest was in a love affair.

Pitanje 4:

He had been in his hey day (at his most successful time) an important ....... in a government department for agriculture.

Pitanje 5:

Passengers are required to produce appropriate ....... at the check-in counter.

Pitanje 6:

Clearly their father had been a wise man because all the work the sons had done on the land ensured that they had the best ....... for years.

Pitanje 7:

It looks from what I can see as if there's been some kind of ........

Pitanje 8:

My father lodged an insurance claim last week because he had an accident and broke one of the ....... on his car.

Pitanje 9:

Naturally all the ....... are requested to be as peaceful as possible and above all not to shout.

Pitanje 10:

My great grandfather's body was lost at sea in a horrific boat accident yesterday. A ....... will be held for him at the Presbyterian church next Thursday.

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