Pitanje 1:

The reason for this is possibly that you thought it was a ....... but in fact it is a tragedy.

Pitanje 2:

Perth offers an eclectic ....... within the breathtaking backdrop of grassy parks, towering palm trees and endless waterways.

Pitanje 3:

Getting over a break-up is hard to do. Instead of wallowing in your ......., try to take positive steps to put your failed relationship behind you.

Pitanje 4:

This is a customer ........ We have a special offer at the moment on bananas.

Pitanje 5:

Beth's father is too proud to ask for ........

Pitanje 6:

If you're really interested, I'm sure the chef will tell you the ....... of that dish.

Pitanje 7:

The strange thing was that she never actually used her ....... to benefit herself.

Pitanje 8:

We say: he is walking home now and that means at this ....... and is the Present continuous tense.

Pitanje 9:

Offensive players may be called for a foul by pushing off a defender to provide space for a _______ or shot.

Pitanje 10:

Jimmy wanted to go to the Halloween party in an Indian costume but was unable to find a ....... to complete his outfit.

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