Pitanje 1:

You certainly don't look your ........ What's your secret?

Pitanje 2:

Many people go to the theatre not to see a play where the plot is complicated but to listen to the brilliant ....... between the actors.

Pitanje 3:

Next I can see some pensioners slowly moving along the road and some can't walk and are in ........

Pitanje 4:

Then he met Maria as a grown up and fell in love as a sort of knee ....... reaction almost without thinking.

Pitanje 5:

The car is almost ready to collect from the garage but there are just a couple of spare ....... missing.

Pitanje 6:

After a while I got fed up with the film and began to lose ....... in the story.

Pitanje 7:

In the future many large ...... will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.

Pitanje 8:

We offer ....... e-mail services that give you superior spam and fraud protection and a custom domain name in your e-mail, all for a reasonable price.

Pitanje 9:

They lived in a des res (very attractive house) and her father, John Fortune, who was really a bit of a fat cat (wealthy businessman) thought that all this animal ....... was a lot of hocus pocus (nonsense).

Pitanje 10:

I decided to invest in the commodities market as the ....... on offer from bank was at an all time low.

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