Pitanje 1:

The Australian government has decided to increase the number of ....... available to skilled workers next year.

Pitanje 2:

Then he met Maria as a grown up and fell in love as a sort of knee ....... reaction almost without thinking.

Pitanje 3:

The message centre number for your network ....... should be preprogrammed on your SIM card.

Pitanje 4:

Pictures stored on the ....... can be printed in the same way as photos taken with a film camera.

Pitanje 5:

Mixing spirits and beer is not a very good idea. I usually wake up with a very bad ....... the next morning.

Pitanje 6:

When the announcement was made about their ......., there was a big celebration.

Pitanje 7:

We regret to announce that the 10.45 for London is now out of service because the driver is having a nervous ........

Pitanje 8:

There's a huge ....... in the local paper about the special offers available in the store this weekend.

Pitanje 9:

Unfortunately it is now 11 o'clock and so there is a ....... of 15 minutes already.

Pitanje 10:

Two men staged a ....... at the bank across the street from us yesterday afternoon.

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