Pitanje 1:

If you take the first left after the post office, you come to Sally's place and if you take the second ....... to the right after that you come to the cottage where Andrew lives.

Pitanje 2:

It was one of those plays where the ....... moved at great speed.

Pitanje 3:

We say: he is walking home now and that means at this ....... and is the Present continuous tense.

Pitanje 4:

I must remember to fill in my tax ....... before the end of this week.

Pitanje 5:

The post office in this country district didn't use vans because of the ........

Pitanje 6:

Be careful, there's a large ....... between the platform and the train.

Pitanje 7:

On the train journey she began to think about what her father had said with his ....... to the rag bag (muddled collection) of ideas in her organisation.

Pitanje 8:

An economic _______ is a time when there is very little economic activity, which causes a lot of poverty.

Pitanje 9:

I feel really blessed, you know, because a lot of people who have a ....... never get any advance warning.

Pitanje 10:

The strange thing was that she never actually used her ....... to benefit herself.

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