Pitanje 1:

As soon as the ....... arrive, it will be your job to show them round the work place and give them a general history of the company for which they want to work.

Pitanje 2:

They told me to go because I was said to be ....... to requirements.

Pitanje 3:

In order to get children to go to sleep, parents sometimes say that the sand ....... will soon come and put sand in their eyes.

Pitanje 4:

Every day of the campaign was a .......

Pitanje 5:

Children often go down to the seaside and use their buckets and spades to make sand ........

Pitanje 6:

It runs into millions and millions — almost as many as the ....... of sand you can see on this beach.

Pitanje 7:

Before you start applying for any job, you must be absolutely sure you have the right paper ........

Pitanje 8:

Dear all, just to let you know that we reached our ....... after a dramatic start.

Pitanje 9:

Finally I want someone to come and cut my grass at your ........ Yours faithfully, Herb Grass.

Pitanje 10:

The strange ....... is that few people announce boldly:

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