Pitanje 1:

In order to get children to go to sleep, parents sometimes say that the sand ....... will soon come and put sand in their eyes.

Pitanje 2:

The strange ....... is that few people announce boldly:

Pitanje 3:

Children will be taught to respect other people's property and ........

Pitanje 4:

It wasn't really a serious crime but it was pointed out to him that by parking there he was in ....... of a local byelaw.

Pitanje 5:

This proposal was soon discarded because we might find difficulty with the local ........

Pitanje 6:

Finally I want someone to come and cut my grass at your ........ Yours faithfully, Herb Grass.

Pitanje 7:

Some people who have been made redundant make no further effort to get employment in complete ....... to those who decide to retrain.

Pitanje 8:

To begin with I would like to take ....... over the name itself.

Pitanje 9:

Well, I don't know about you but all this is having a very soporific ....... on me

Pitanje 10:

No, I didn't ask the boss for more money today because he gave me one month's ........

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