Pitanje 1:

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to describe the ....... I've been having with one of your products.

Pitanje 2:

Under the policy of the new health regulations if you decide to cancel your ....... and don't notify the surgery, you will be fined.

Pitanje 3:

There was absolutely no ....... that Henry Orpington liked politics. He talked politics all the time.

Pitanje 4:

Mind you it has to be a convincing article because the reading public can soon see through the ....... of a weak argument.

Pitanje 5:

There are really too many political parties in this election as there are so many small groups or ........

Pitanje 6:

Her first novel was a huge success and it was only a few weeks after publication that the paper ....... came out.

Pitanje 7:

The more the authorities try to conceal what is happening, the more it fuels ....... about what might be happening.

Pitanje 8:

Many people drink wine, but many wine consumers know little about wine ....... or wine and food pairing because they are intimidated or put off by the pretensions often associated with wine.

Pitanje 9:

When there is a danger of flooding, people often pile up sand ....... outside their houses to stop the water coming in.

Pitanje 10:

I think you're either mad or very brave to jump out of a plane and wait some time before opening your parachute in a sky........

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