Pitanje 1:

'Cut' I should have thought was an essential ....... of any lawnmower.

Pitanje 2:

This proposal was soon discarded because we might find difficulty with the local ........

Pitanje 3:

It's a very pale version of the colour and that's why it's called sky........

Pitanje 4:

When there is a danger of flooding, people often pile up sand ....... outside their houses to stop the water coming in.

Pitanje 5:

It is customary for the office junior to make a ....... of what each colleague wants from the sandwich bar.

Pitanje 6:

Everything started to go wrong the moment we arrived at the airport because of the industrial ....... taken by the baggage handlers.

Pitanje 7:

Candidate: I'm Mr Jensen. I'm afraid it's a case of ........

Pitanje 8:

The main quality that is required of someone holding that kind of job is to have the ....... to get on with people.

Pitanje 9:

Some people only read the ....... lines in a newspaper

Pitanje 10:

When you are interviewing someone, it is obviously necessary to ask questions relevant to their job experience but discussing someone's other ....... is also useful.

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