Pitanje 1:

After the speech he shook hands with some of the women. One of them lifted up a baby for him to kiss, but the ....... of Henry's beard must have frightened it because it began to scream its head off.

Pitanje 2:

Some people who have been made redundant make no further effort to get employment in complete ....... to those who decide to retrain.

Pitanje 3:

Under the policy of the new health regulations if you decide to cancel your ....... and don't notify the surgery, you will be fined.

Pitanje 4:

As a child he had no problems learning foreign languages mainly because he was very quick on the ........

Pitanje 5:

In order to get children to go to sleep, parents sometimes say that the sand ....... will soon come and put sand in their eyes.

Pitanje 6:

You can take a cat nap beside the fire or doze off on a train .......

Pitanje 7:

You couldn't find a more loyal bunch of people who have a ....... of reliability so strong that they will never let you down.

Pitanje 8:

We thought it was a good idea to take some sandwiches with us so that we'd have something to eat for the ....... of the journey.

Pitanje 9:

We don't really get on with the new boss but he has some good ideas so we must give the devil his ........

Pitanje 10:

In view of the large number of people the ....... of a parking area was considered very important.

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