Pitanje 1:

....... you really help me? If so, I should be most grateful.

Pitanje 2:

If I want to pass my exams, I ....... study very hard.

Pitanje 3:

You should take an umbrella with you today, it ....... rain later.

Pitanje 4:

‘I saw Grace this morning at the bank.’ ~ ‘It ________ Grace. She has been to Paris on her honeymoon.’

Pitanje 5:

Theresa walked past me without saying a word. She ________ me.

Pitanje 6:

It's quite clear that you ....... to visit their house, so why don't you?

Pitanje 7:

Now there's no argument here. You ....... to finish on time because you have no choice.

Pitanje 8:

The machine ________ on by pressing this switch.

Pitanje 9:

He is unreliable. What he says _______ be believed.

Pitanje 10:

I say to myself each morning I really ....... write that letter.

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