Pitanje 1:

Jenny's engagement ring was precious! It _______ have cost a fortune.

Pitanje 2:

If I want to pass my exams, I ....... study very hard.

Pitanje 3:

....... I have your permission to leave the meeting early?

Pitanje 4:

I know I ....... do it because I have done it before.

Pitanje 5:

She just wished that her father could ....... and be even steven (fair) about her side of the argument.

Pitanje 6:

You really ....... see that film because I know you'll like it.

Pitanje 7:

Peter has been working for 10 hours. He _______ be very tired now.

Pitanje 8:

I _______ find my own way there. You _______ wait for me.

Pitanje 9:

....... you really help me? If so, I should be most grateful.

Pitanje 10:

I think the match ________. Everybody's gone into the stadium and you can hear them cheering.

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