Pitanje 1:

By the end of this year I realize I ....... writing tests for three years now.

Pitanje 2:

How long ______ you hold your breath?

Pitanje 3:

_____ I have more juice please?

Pitanje 4:

____ you please pull over? I _______ really eat something.

Pitanje 5:

_____ really ________ say everything that pops into your head?

Pitanje 6:

I was asking myself what in all honesty she ....... do next.

Pitanje 7:

Look at the furniture and decorations! This house ________ have cost a fortune!

Pitanje 8:

Mike: All right. You ....... stay as long as you don't make any noise.

Pitanje 9:

He was quite definite about it and assured me he ....... come.

Pitanje 10:

The scheme will be ....... into the school curriculum at the beginning of next academic year.

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