Pitanje 1:

I _____ (hope) to send him a telegram to congratulate him on his marriage, but I ______ (not manage) it.

Pitanje 2:

She ____ (talk) to her mother when I ____(call) her.

Pitanje 3:

Why we ______ (can go) outside? (negative) - Because it ______ (rain).

Pitanje 4:

Julia _____ (be) excited because she _____never (be) to a dance before.

Pitanje 5:

While we _________ (pain) the room, the two of them just _____ (sit) and ______ (talk).

Pitanje 6:

After the storm ....... finished, many people were found lying in the street.

Pitanje 7:

Last week we ....... 150 newspapers.

Pitanje 8:

1. I _____ (paint) this room. (The room is still not painted). vs 2. I ______ (paint) this room. (The ob is finished, the room is painted).

Pitanje 9:

Sarah: Thank you very much. I shall be as quiet as a mouse but ....... just put the TV on.

Pitanje 10:

When we _____ (arrive) , the party _______ already (start).

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