Pitanje 1:

While I ________ (walk) down the street, I ____ (hear) some strange sound.

Pitanje 2:

Julia _____ (be) excited because she _____never (be) to a dance before.

Pitanje 3:

Why we ______ (can go) outside? (negative) - Because it ______ (rain).

Pitanje 4:

She ______ (be) upset because her dog _____ (run away).

Pitanje 5:

I hope I ....... offended you.

Pitanje 6:

Tomorrow we ....... taking the day off.

Pitanje 7:

While we _________ (pain) the room, the two of them just _____ (sit) and ______ (talk).

Pitanje 8:

It was just before the Second World War. Tom ___ (be) only 20 at the time and ______(live) with his mother.

Pitanje 9:

Next year we ....... in the eighth grade.

Pitanje 10:

On March 14th I _____ (wait) for a bus at the bus stop on the corner of Dover Road and West Street when a black Mercedes _______ (park) at the stop.

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