Pitanje 1:

Sarah: Thank you very much. I shall be as quiet as a mouse but ....... just put the TV on.

Pitanje 2:

Someone ______ (break into) a museum and ______ (take) a valuable painting.

Pitanje 3:

I _____ (hope) to send him a telegram to congratulate him on his marriage, but I ______ (not manage) it.

Pitanje 4:

We ________ (have) supper when the accident _______ (happen.)

Pitanje 5:

It was just before the Second World War. Tom ___ (be) only 20 at the time and ______(live) with his mother.

Pitanje 6:

While I _______ (read) the book, I ______ (hear) a scream.

Pitanje 7:

I ______ never (taste) that famous Indian tea you _____ (tell) me about.

Pitanje 8:

She ______ (think) that she _____ (meet) him in China.

Pitanje 9:

It was evening. The sun _____ (set). A gentle wind ______ (blow) through the tree.

Pitanje 10:

She ______ (watch) TV when I _____ (come in).

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