Pitanje 1:

When we _______ (arrive) she _______ already (go) out.

Pitanje 2:

If you ……………. to my advice, you …………. in trouble now.

Pitanje 3:

1. I _____ (paint) this room. (The room is still not painted). vs 2. I ______ (paint) this room. (The ob is finished, the room is painted).

Pitanje 4:

He _______ (get) a promotion and thus ____ (make) his wife very happy.

Pitanje 5:

After I __________ (finish) my homework, I ____ (go) to the movies with my friends.

Pitanje 6:

The boys _____ (love) the zoo. They _______ never (see) wild animals before.

Pitanje 7:

I ________ (live) abroad in 1987, so I ____ (miss) state elections.

Pitanje 8:

He _________ (have) breakfast when he _____(hear) the news.

Pitanje 9:

At the time, he ______ (work) in a bank and ____ (travel) to London every day.

Pitanje 10:

First I ______ (arrive) home and then the telephone ______ (ring) and I _______ (answer) it.

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