Pitanje 1:

He ____ (be) broke because he ____ (lose) his job.

Pitanje 2:

Tomorrow we ....... taking the day off.

Pitanje 3:

Sarah: Thank you very much. I shall be as quiet as a mouse but ....... just put the TV on.

Pitanje 4:

I hope I ....... offended you.

Pitanje 5:

On March 14th I _____ (wait) for a bus at the bus stop on the corner of Dover Road and West Street when a black Mercedes _______ (park) at the stop.

Pitanje 6:

Jim ____ (talk) to his girlfriend on the phone when I _______ (come in) and ____ still (talk) to her when I ______ (go out) an hour later.

Pitanje 7:

After I __________ (finish) my homework, I ____ (go) to the movies with my friends.

Pitanje 8:

I've ....... you not to do that many times before.

Pitanje 9:

The candidate ....... many voters when she ran for governor last year.

Pitanje 10:

It was evening. The sun _____ (set). A gentle wind ______ (blow) through the tree.

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