Pitanje 1:

Tomorrow we ....... taking the day off.

Pitanje 2:

I've ....... you not to do that many times before.

Pitanje 3:

At the time, he ______ (work) in a bank and ____ (travel) to London every day.

Pitanje 4:

Mr. Jenkins ______ already (start) his speech when a student _______ (interrupt) him.

Pitanje 5:

They ______ (talk) when Jim ______ (arrive).

Pitanje 6:

He _____ (leave) his home before I ______ (come) there.

Pitanje 7:

Her best friend ....... in that apartment building over there.

Pitanje 8:

When these students ________ (arrive), we ______ already (finish) the exam.

Pitanje 9:

While John ______ (swim), Susan ________ (sunbath) and ______ (read) a magazine.

Pitanje 10:

Jim ____ (talk) to his girlfriend on the phone when I _______ (come in) and ____ still (talk) to her when I ______ (go out) an hour later.

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