Pitanje 1:

I'll give you a lift to the airport. Michelle ....... to give her husband a lift to the airport.

Pitanje 2:

Direct: My mum asked the policeman: “Where can I park my car?” Indirect:

Pitanje 3:

I won't lend you any more money. Matthew ....... to lend me any more money.

Pitanje 4:

Make indirect out of direct speech: Ally asked: “Sally, can you come here please?”

Pitanje 5:

Direct: She asks:” Does he play football?” Indirect:

Pitanje 6:

Direct: Anna says: “I really have to work harder if I want to pass my exams.” Indirect:

Pitanje 7:

Direct: Maya said: “I really want to go with you but my mum won’t allow me.” Indirect:

Pitanje 8:

Direct: She said: “Come as soon as possible!” Indirect:

Pitanje 9:

I asked: “Do you have a stamp to give me?” Indirect:

Pitanje 10:

The teacher said to her student: You need to study harder. She ....... him to study harder.

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