Pitanje 1:

The hall was full of people anxious to hear what the speaker was going to say and in the few seconds before he started it was so quiet you could hear a ....... drop.

Pitanje 2:

The suave salesman looked nice but when he told us about the 0% financing, the deal seemed a little ........

Pitanje 3:

I know he doesn't like you because the moment you came in the room I saw him give you a ....... look.

Pitanje 4:

It's clear as they say that great minds think ....... because we have both come to exactly the same conclusion.

Pitanje 5:

Charlie didn't have much in the way of property — just ....... and pieces.

Pitanje 6:

....... the stuff! I want to hear it loud and clear and as much of it as you can manage. Well done!

Pitanje 7:

Poor Mary was a bit of a ....... at the dance.

Pitanje 8:

Using their ....... and extraordinary financial resources and insider dealing, the oligarchs gained control over much of Russia's political apparatus.

Pitanje 9:

After he'd wasted all his money, got into debt and then ended up in prison, his family began to regard him as a bit of a lost ........

Pitanje 10:

Ray was as 'cool as a cucumber' about his exam because he studied all week for it. What does 'cool as a cucumber' mean? ........

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