Pitanje 1:

This castle has been here since the 16th century and hasn't really changed — it has stood the test of ........

Pitanje 2:

Hollywood is so competitive that it seems like a ....... world, doesn't it?

Pitanje 3:

You can never tell exactly what she is thinking because she very often ....... hot and cold over some topics.

Pitanje 4:

The burglar explained that he didn't have a proper job and only did piece ........

Pitanje 5:

Another way of putting this is how many red ....... the author can throw in the reader's path.

Pitanje 6:

He walks over to her and asks if she is ....... right.

Pitanje 7:

In view of the embarrassment that might be caused if the story came out, she promised not to ....... a word about it.

Pitanje 8:

I don't really approve of all this discussion about people behind their backs — it's a bit like ....... stories.

Pitanje 9:

Don't you think it's about time you put your ....... down and told them what you really think?

Pitanje 10:

I'm desperate. All I need really is someone to ........

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