Pitanje 1:

I shouldn't worry too much about him. He looks very frightening but underneath he's really a paper ........

Pitanje 2:

First he started shouting and then he began to throw things round the room and it was clear he had just lost his ........

Pitanje 3:

Before Tom headed into the forest, he made sure he had packed his bow and ........

Pitanje 4:

Hi listeners, I should explain that I have a ....... eye view of this magnificent sight as the parade passes underneath me.

Pitanje 5:

He told him he was a wicked person and further he was a ....... piece of work.

Pitanje 6:

The reason why I feel so ....... today is because it's my birthday and no-one has sent me any cards.

Pitanje 7:

Jane: Sorry you can protest if you like but it doesn't ........

Pitanje 8:

These are indeed ....... times for the government as people are deciding whether to vote for them in the next election.

Pitanje 9:

Everyone notices Rob's wife when she walks into a room. She's pretty and ........

Pitanje 10:

A bird in the hands is worth ....... in the bush.

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