Pitanje 1:

A 45 year old cook from Sydney ....... three weeks after winning 10 million dollars in the lottery.

Pitanje 2:

Ben estimated how much wear and ....... the new tires could handle.

Pitanje 3:

Everyone told me I'd be ....... if I took that job on Wall Street.

Pitanje 4:

It's getting late now and I'm very tired so I think we'll ....... it a day.

Pitanje 5:

Since the argument we've had about the garden hedge, our neighbours take no notice of us and give us the cold ....... when they see us.

Pitanje 6:

If you want me to say nothing about it, I promise that if anybody asks then my lips are ........

Pitanje 7:

After they were married, Charlie had to work very hard and he was always knee ....... in decorating and painting the house.

Pitanje 8:

They like to think they're very important people but politicians just talk a lot of hot ....... most of the time.

Pitanje 9:

If you really want to lose weight, the only way is to eat less and stop stuffing your ....... every five minutes!

Pitanje 10:

As soon as the president was taken ill, the deputy had to take charge and is currently in the hot ....... now.

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