Pitanje 1:

I can see you're angry and want to do the same to them but remember that two wrongs don't make a ........

Pitanje 2:

I promise I'll be very quick indeed and I'll be back in two ....... of a lamb's tail.

Pitanje 3:

I think he'll succeed but it's a lot of work and sometimes he feels he's bitten off more than he can ........

Pitanje 4:

We all have our ....... to bear so I should be grateful if you would stop complaining all the time.

Pitanje 5:

Where we live is a sort of back....... because nobody here knows what's going on in the world.

Pitanje 6:

I was asked how many tests I would write and I said the sky's the ....... — in other words as many as possible.

Pitanje 7:

It was one of those scenes that made you want to cry your eyes out and I do believe there wasn't a dry ....... in the theatre.

Pitanje 8:

We're not quite sure how it will work so today we're having a dry ....... to find out if there are any problems.

Pitanje 9:

He didn't really give speeches because he used to scream and shout and you could hear him ....... a hundred meters down the road.

Pitanje 10:

Interviewer: I think there must be a mistake, I ........

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