Pitanje 1:

It must have come as a great shock to get the sack but I'm afraid you'll just have to accept it and bite the ........

Pitanje 2:

The government next announces that measures are due to come into ....... that will change the whole process.

Pitanje 3:

Any arguments he put up in his defence were regarded as a ....... by people who were determined to see him convicted.

Pitanje 4:

When a reader reads an interesting book slowly and carefully, he ____ it

Pitanje 5:

Candidate: No, sorry as I said I like working outside, I want to be a gardener, ........

Pitanje 6:

He always believed in giving his children the same opportunities in life so that each one would have a fair crack of the ........

Pitanje 7:

I think he'll succeed but it's a lot of work and sometimes he feels he's bitten off more than he can ........

Pitanje 8:

I can't see the point of trying to settle the dispute between those two institutions because you'll just be papering over the ........

Pitanje 9:

After all his failures in the business world he decided to ....... his luck in the casino.

Pitanje 10:

You really couldn't blame anyone for the accident because it was just a case of ....... luck.

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