Pitanje 1:

Quite honestly the two cases are so completely different that they really don't bear ........

Pitanje 2:

As we have all worked very hard this year, I'm hoping that our efforts will bear ........

Pitanje 3:

She's very subtle in the comments she makes and she has a wonderfully dry ....... of humour.

Pitanje 4:

Dear Charles I thought it was ....... time I wrote to you and told you what I've been up to.

Pitanje 5:

He didn't really give speeches because he used to scream and shout and you could hear him ....... a hundred meters down the road.

Pitanje 6:

He's one of those irritating people who manages within a few minutes of meeting someone to ....... their back up.

Pitanje 7:

At half past eight Henry was in conference with his election agent, Andrew Higgins, at party headquarters. Andrew: If you want my opinion, I suggest you cancel all your engagements for today and wait until the police get to the ....... of the matter.

Pitanje 8:

Quite honestly I really can't decide which one to choose — I'm what you might say in two ........

Pitanje 9:

He may seem very angry but don't worry his ....... is worse than his bite.

Pitanje 10:

They spent a huge amount of time and money to deal with that small problem and it's like taking a sledgehammer to crack a ........

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