Pitanje 1:

He ....... a fast one at the entrance because he handed over 4 tickets although there were 5 of them entering the exhibition.

Pitanje 2:

Then two days before the trial was due to start, new evidence came to ....... proving he was totally innocent.

Pitanje 3:

If you want to grow as a business and attract new customers you must ....... with the times.

Pitanje 4:

I worked out the answer in the end by putting two and two ........

Pitanje 5:

They haven't really put matters right at all because they've simply papered ....... the cracks.

Pitanje 6:

There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were all right with our tent and were as dry as a ........

Pitanje 7:

It must have come as a great shock to get the sack but I'm afraid you'll just have to accept it and bite the ........

Pitanje 8:

If you really want to send that letter off today, it's ....... time you went to the post office.

Pitanje 9:

Her children were very ungrateful for all she'd done for them as she had really worked her ....... to the bone for them.

Pitanje 10:

She's very subtle in the comments she makes and she has a wonderfully dry ....... of humour.

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