Pitanje 1:

She certainly won't invest in that company again having lost a fortune — it's a case of once bitten twice ........

Pitanje 2:

Last week they ....... it very lucky because they managed to win the lottery.

Pitanje 3:

Well, I think if you don't ......., I'll turn in now.

Pitanje 4:

I know she would really like to say exactly what she feels but I believe she should bite her ........

Pitanje 5:

I can see you're angry and want to do the same to them but remember that two wrongs don't make a ........

Pitanje 6:

As we have all worked very hard this year, I'm hoping that our efforts will bear ........

Pitanje 7:

Interviewer: I should have thought this was ........

Pitanje 8:

Where we live is a sort of back....... because nobody here knows what's going on in the world.

Pitanje 9:

He's having trouble with his mother-in-law because she likes to control everything rather like a backseat ........

Pitanje 10:

I can't see the point of trying to settle the dispute between those two institutions because you'll just be papering over the ........

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