Pitanje 1:

I'm very sorry to tell you that your scheme has failed and it has well and truly bitten the ........

Pitanje 2:

Since he left the army, he misses the excitement and danger and still wants to live life in the fast ........

Pitanje 3:

He may seem very angry but don't worry his ....... is worse than his bite.

Pitanje 4:

There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were all right with our tent and were as dry as a ........

Pitanje 5:

This is going to be a difficult task but we'll get there in the end although it is a ....... nut to crack.

Pitanje 6:

Although the TV programme was funny, my aunt was a bit shocked because some of the jokes were a bit ....... the bone.

Pitanje 7:

He didn't really give speeches because he used to scream and shout and you could hear him ....... a hundred meters down the road.

Pitanje 8:

I fully understand your comments and bearing those in ......., I have made the appropriate decision.

Pitanje 9:

This brings me to another point: why aren't you and Sara tying the .......?

Pitanje 10:

It's a long way we have to travel tomorrow so we must get up very early in the morning at the crack of ........

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