Pitanje 1:

If you want to grow as a business and attract new customers you must ....... with the times.

Pitanje 2:

In view of the way things have improved I now feel confident enough to have another bite at the ........

Pitanje 3:

As we have all worked very hard this year, I'm hoping that our efforts will bear ........

Pitanje 4:

Although the TV programme was funny, my aunt was a bit shocked because some of the jokes were a bit ....... the bone.

Pitanje 5:

Well, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the exhibition after all the praise it's received — it isn't all it's cracked ....... to be.

Pitanje 6:

Quite honestly the two cases are so completely different that they really don't bear ........

Pitanje 7:

There was absolutely no hesitation on her part and quick as a ....... she paid the bill.

Pitanje 8:

In ....... nothing much happened at the meeting.

Pitanje 9:

Mathew Smith was a highly respected member of parliament with no ....... on his character.

Pitanje 10:

The station isn't far away and the train leaves in about ten minutes so there is no need to worry — we have time to ........

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