Pitanje 1:

I have to go now. I am going to the hairdresser’s. I _______ my hair (cut).

Pitanje 2:

Oh no, it's broken. Now I need to go ______ my nails (do).

Pitanje 3:

I am going to the dry cleaning’s. I _______ my clothes (wash).

Pitanje 4:

Mr. Jenkis, Mrs. Adams is waiting for you. - __________ (come in.)

Pitanje 5:

Can you please give me your PC servicer’s number? I need to ________ my PC (repair).

Pitanje 6:

We are going to my mum’s house this week. We __________ our house (decorate).

Pitanje 7:

My car broke down. I have to _________ it (fix).

Pitanje 8:

My beard is too long. Do you know where I can _____ it (trim)?

Pitanje 9:

They ____________ dinner (serve) at eight o’clock.

Pitanje 10:

I thought my secretary sent you the report. -No, she didn’t. -Oh, I am sorry. I ______ it (send) till the end of morning.

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