Pitanje 1:

And so it's not surprising the many ways we have of ....... it.

Pitanje 2:

Finally I look forward to ....... from you and as you will understand I don't want to 'wait' very long. Yours faithfully, I.A.M. Hopeful.

Pitanje 3:

Try ....... the door really hard if you want to open it.

Pitanje 4:

His agent spent a lot of time ....... the press on his background in the hope that they would present a balanced view.

Pitanje 5:

At the moment the company is doing an extensive advertising campaign with a view to ....... new staff.

Pitanje 6:

I always let her handle that kind of situation because she's very good at ....... with difficult clients.

Pitanje 7:

I really appreciate your ....... me at this difficult time.

Pitanje 8:

It's no good ....... your head in the sand, you'll have to face the truth in the end.

Pitanje 9:

I'll finish now and I look forward to ....... you again soon.

Pitanje 10:

There's little point in those two firms competing for the same market as they would be much better ....... with one another.

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