Pitanje 1:

He ___________ (wait) for 10 minutes only when the plane arrives.

Pitanje 2:

In June, we ____________ (work) on this project for 2 years.

Pitanje 3:

I __________ (walk) for two hours when I reach the dorm.

Pitanje 4:

You ________ (drive) for an hour by the time you reach your grandmother’s place.

Pitanje 5:

They ________ (travel) for two days when I start the trip.

Pitanje 6:

____ you ________ (use) the car?

Pitanje 7:

Next month, I _______ (learn) Turkish for a year.

Pitanje 8:

Till the time I come, they ________ (sing) for half an hour

Pitanje 9:

Next year, we __________ (live) here for 10 years.

Pitanje 10:

Tomorrow at 5 pm, I _________ (flying) to Rome for 2 hours already.

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