Pitanje 1:

I think Anna ______ (get married) soon.

Pitanje 2:

This time next week, we _________ (celebrate) New Year’s Eve with our friends from Russia.

Pitanje 3:

This time tomorrow, he _______ (have) coffee at Paris

Pitanje 4:

I can’t take you out for lunch. I _________(work) when you come.

Pitanje 5:

If you get late again tonight, I _________ (not wait) for you. So, we’re clear.

Pitanje 6:

When she comes, they ___________ (have) dinner.

Pitanje 7:

___________ they (play) football tomorrow afternoon?

Pitanje 8:

It is very long flight. I guess she ________ (sleep) all the way to Malaysia.

Pitanje 9:

This time tomorrow you ....... sitting in a deck chair on the beach.

Pitanje 10:

They _______ (move) to Germany soon.

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