Pitanje 1:

I am going to do my homework ....... take a shower when I get home from school.

Pitanje 2:

Have you seen ....... heard the latest musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Pitanje 3:

It's not that I don't trust you ....... I must have some evidence of your identity.

Pitanje 4:

Builders use plywood in the construction of small boats ....... it is easy to shape.

Pitanje 5:

Let's look at it this way — it's not so much a problem ....... a challenge to our efforts.

Pitanje 6:

I want to work as an interpreter in the future, ________, I am studying Russian at university.

Pitanje 7:

They couldn't hold their meeting in the open air ....... of the heavy rain.

Pitanje 8:

No one had a clue what had actually happened neither the police ....... the public.

Pitanje 9:

Anna needed some money, ________, she took a part-time job.

Pitanje 10:

When she got the news from her family, she could not do anything, ________ cry.

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