Pitanje 1:

Airplanes sometimes fly to unscheduled cities ....... the weather is bad.

Pitanje 2:

We enjoyed the rest of our lunch ......., but I think we were both pretty taken aback by the encounter we had when we first entered the restaurant.

Pitanje 3:

As it drew near she found she was asking herself ....... whether she had done the right thing. She looked at the horse and it was actually nodding its head and she could have sworn it said okie dokie (all right).

Pitanje 4:

We'll find a hotel ....... we arrive in Jakarta.

Pitanje 5:

Our doctor advised us to have malaria vaccinations ....... we travel to Lombok.

Pitanje 6:

You have to turn this from left to right — in other words clock........

Pitanje 7:

After I fell down the steps, I felt unsteady and ........

Pitanje 8:

....... this is a very small figure in comparison with the other major political parties.

Pitanje 9:

At the moment we are trying very hard to increase our membership which ....... stands at 500.

Pitanje 10:

Peter was the best swimmer, but ....... he lost the final of the swimming competition.

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