Pitanje 1:

The young girl screamed when she saw the ....... body sprawled out on her living room floor.

Pitanje 2:

The rest of the organisation thought that she and Winton were a dream team (ideal partners) because she was enthusiastic and he was very ........

Pitanje 3:

The skill of course of the writing is how many times a reader can be sent up ....... alleys.

Pitanje 4:

He tends to forget things very quickly and behaves more and more like the typical ....... professor.

Pitanje 5:

Student: I think the past simple is for a ....... time in the past and the present perfect is when you don't know when it was.

Pitanje 6:

As Mr Andrews was about to leave he found a note pinned to his door. It was from Mary Smith advising him to be careful because she has just bought a ....... young guard dog.

Pitanje 7:

It was one of those sights that you never forget it was ........

Pitanje 8:

Never ask Phoebe to dance while her husband is looking. He always gets so ....... of her.

Pitanje 9:

Strike while the iron is ........

Pitanje 10:

Don't worry I'm sure it's only ....... and that he'll soon recover before the next performance.

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