Pitanje 1:

It is always more relaxing to eat in a restaurant where the faces of the staff are ....... and know everyone by name.

Pitanje 2:

Don't worry I'm sure it's only ....... and that he'll soon recover before the next performance.

Pitanje 3:

Pictures can be ....... by inserting a memory card containing images into a printer or having prints made at a digital photo lab.

Pitanje 4:

I hardly ever gamble but I was ....... at the casino yesterday.

Pitanje 5:

Earning money has always been the thing that pleases him most. _______ he becomes, he is.

Pitanje 6:

Don't count your chickens before they are ........

Pitanje 7:

The ....... thing of all difficulties in a language is vocabulary.

Pitanje 8:

Most people in the pub think to themselves: What a pretty girl Andrew sees her as someone who is ....... and needs help.

Pitanje 9:

Cold medicines usually make me feel ....... I feel like I don't have energy to do anything.

Pitanje 10:

Our final idea for the product was much better than our ....... one.

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