Pitanje 1:

You can receive, display, edit and/or send text messages on any network that has a ....... agreement.

Pitanje 2:

I promise you that dining here will be really an ....... experience for you.

Pitanje 3:

In fact because he had refused to kow tow to (accept without question) some of the official regulations, he had been forced to take ....... retirement.

Pitanje 4:

He tends to forget things very quickly and behaves more and more like the typical ....... professor.

Pitanje 5:

He told them that there was a ....... treasure in the land and they would have to look for it when he had gone.

Pitanje 6:

The following evening we were back again watching television but after the cinema it's never the ....... again.

Pitanje 7:

He told the house dog he found it very ....... having to do all the hard work.

Pitanje 8:

In the making of the film the direction is quite ....... from the financing of the project.

Pitanje 9:

The rest of the organisation thought that she and Winton were a dream team (ideal partners) because she was enthusiastic and he was very ........

Pitanje 10:

Rob looks ....... because he's working two jobs at the moment.

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