Pitanje 1:

The ....... thing of all difficulties in a language is vocabulary.

Pitanje 2:

We simply didn't know what to choose for our main dish so in the end we made a ....... choice.

Pitanje 3:

A / an _______ species is a population of an organism which is at risk of becoming extinct.

Pitanje 4:

I think Indonesian people are so ........ They'll always come up to you in the street and try to practice their English.

Pitanje 5:

Don't worry I'm sure it's only ....... and that he'll soon recover before the next performance.

Pitanje 6:

My wife is always ....... when she gets her period and becomes angry at me for no reason at all.

Pitanje 7:

What you could hear was the ants who were ....... drying grain.

Pitanje 8:

Pictures can be ....... by inserting a memory card containing images into a printer or having prints made at a digital photo lab.

Pitanje 9:

And what was more ....... I had got no money.

Pitanje 10:

You can see me ....... relaxed in the newspaper pictures especially that one with the caption: ANDREW SMODLEY HANDS THE RING TO SALLY FAIRWEATHER'S FUTURE HUSBAND.

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