Pitanje 1:

It is ....... book that I have ever read.

Pitanje 2:

I have only one brother. He is ______ (old) than me.

Pitanje 3:

Ralph was late ....... work again. He may be fired.

Pitanje 4:

In my opinion, the tiger is ___________ (dangerous) animal in the world.

Pitanje 5:

George was worried ....... his father's health.

Pitanje 6:

The red car is ________ (big) than the yellow one.

Pitanje 7:

My ....... colour is green.

Pitanje 8:

This hat is quite cheap, but the one over there is _______.(cheap)

Pitanje 9:

Yesterday was _____ (hot) day of the year.

Pitanje 10:

My mom's hair is not straight, it is ........

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