Pitanje 1:

I want you to tell me the ....... truth.

Pitanje 2:

I didn't know you were interested ....... science.

Pitanje 3:

My room is ______ (good) than the one next door.

Pitanje 4:

The police found her ....... flat but there was no sign of Agatha Christie.

Pitanje 5:

Why not? There is nothing to be ....... of. After all it won't be just us in the balloon.

Pitanje 6:

Due to his new shift, he has to wake up ....... 3 a.m. every day.

Pitanje 7:

My son is afraid ....... the dark.

Pitanje 8:

Naomi is keen ....... working in Africa this coming year.

Pitanje 9:

It is ________ (pleasant) today than it was yesterday.

Pitanje 10:

I have only one brother. He is ______ (old) than me.

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