Pitanje 1:

This television gives you the ....... news.

Pitanje 2:

Michael Dobson: I'm very ......., ladies you know who I am. Now can you stop talking so that we can get on with the play?

Pitanje 3:

Mary is so pleased ....... her students' grades this past year.

Pitanje 4:

Debbie is growing fast. She is getting ______ (tall).

Pitanje 5:

....... people like this area a lot.

Pitanje 6:

Your sister is very polite and nice. She is _____ (nice)than my sister.

Pitanje 7:

George was worried ....... his father's health.

Pitanje 8:

First class is _______ (expensive) way to travel.

Pitanje 9:

The police found her ....... flat but there was no sign of Agatha Christie.

Pitanje 10:

Which of these is an adjective? It is ........

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