Pitanje 1:

Our nanny has always been ....... to us.

Pitanje 2:

This is ______ (tidy) room in the house.

Pitanje 3:

This is the ....... assignment I have ever had.

Pitanje 4:

First class is _______ (expensive) way to travel.

Pitanje 5:

Yesterday was _____ (hot) day of the year.

Pitanje 6:

Mrs Ashton: Look are you ....... the train's going to London. It's taking a long time to leave.

Pitanje 7:

After that we have the ....... show on the latest hits.

Pitanje 8:

A scheduled flight is _________ (expensive) than a charter flight.

Pitanje 9:

Which of these is an adjective? It is ........

Pitanje 10:

Oh, I can't believe you fall for that! It is ___ (old) trick under the sun!

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