Pitanje 1:

Why are you so shy? You are even ____ (shy) than him.

Pitanje 2:

If I am not weak I am ........

Pitanje 3:

After that we have the ....... show on the latest hits.

Pitanje 4:

Your sister is very polite and nice. She is _____ (nice)than my sister.

Pitanje 5:

Peter is ______ (conceited) man I have ever met!

Pitanje 6:

Mrs Ashton: Look are you ....... the train's going to London. It's taking a long time to leave.

Pitanje 7:

As of now we still don't know if we will be ....... to fulfil our contract.

Pitanje 8:

The sky is ____ (grey) than it was yesterday.

Pitanje 9:

This exam was ___ (easy) than the one yesterday.

Pitanje 10:

This is ______ (tidy) room in the house.

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