Pitanje 1:

To get a job as a secretary, you must be good ....... typing and answering phones.

Pitanje 2:

Our nanny has always been ....... to us.

Pitanje 3:

Linda: Oh yes. I don't know why I was so ....... I think flying is great!

Pitanje 4:

Why not? There is nothing to be ....... of. After all it won't be just us in the balloon.

Pitanje 5:

If I am not right I am ........

Pitanje 6:

"War and Peace" is _____ (long) book I have ever read.

Pitanje 7:

Maria is married ....... my cousin.

Pitanje 8:

Come on, you sing the lullaby, your voice is much ______ (soft) than mine!

Pitanje 9:

This essay is really bad, but this one is even ____. (bad)

Pitanje 10:

I'm tired ....... waiting for the bus. Let's take a taxi.

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