Pitanje 1:

My old job was ....... than this one.

Pitanje 2:

My son is afraid ....... the dark.

Pitanje 3:

First class is _______ (expensive) way to travel.

Pitanje 4:

Karen is very jealous ....... Kim and it's very obvious to others.

Pitanje 5:

This is ______ (tidy) room in the house.

Pitanje 6:

Bob is much _____ (tall) than Jane.

Pitanje 7:

"War and Peace" is _____ (long) book I have ever read.

Pitanje 8:

Why are you so shy? You are even ____ (shy) than him.

Pitanje 9:

My room is ______ (good) than the one next door.

Pitanje 10:

Driving is certainly ______ (tiring) than walking.

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