Pitanje 1:

I'm afraid I shan't be ....... to come on Tuesday because of a prior engagement.

Pitanje 2:

I apologized for what seemed like a deliberate act of rudeness but I explained that it had been purely accidental and an ....... action on my part.

Pitanje 3:

She puts it another way and says she will be able to make an ....... man of me.

Pitanje 4:

The police stopped the car because it had followed an ....... course down the road and asked the driver why he was going from side to side.

Pitanje 5:

It was a totally new experience for us visiting that factory abroad as we were ....... to all sorts of new techniques.

Pitanje 6:

The teacher found it quite ....... to try and teach the children because they refused to listen to a word she was saying.

Pitanje 7:

Turn on the television and look at the current news programme and you will find everyone discussing the ....... issue of the day.

Pitanje 8:

As I was a stranger in that country I was not ....... with some of their customs and didn't understand why people were laughing at me.

Pitanje 9:

The government then has to show that it is involved in the whole business of saving and lending and tries to convince everyone that it is ....... of both savers and lenders.

Pitanje 10:

Building Societies currently find themselves in a ....... situation because they try to please the savers and also the borrowers and yet one group is always going to lose.

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