Pitanje 1:

Headlines appeared maintaining that Mathew was a dishonest ....... thief.

Pitanje 2:

The General made absolutely sure his troops were ready for battle and ....... with the latest equipment.

Pitanje 3:

The judge has to adopt a ....... view of the crime by being utterly impartial.

Pitanje 4:

I could say that we are having a wonderful time but that would be ....... from the truth.

Pitanje 5:

Although her boss knew that she was not telling the truth, her explanations for being late were always so reasonable and totally ....... that he believed her.

Pitanje 6:

We can offer you a salary that will be ....... with the duties and responsibilities that the job demands.

Pitanje 7:

The telephone connection was very poor and we only heard a ....... account of what the reporter was describing.

Pitanje 8:

She suddenly stopped speaking to him on the phone and the conversation came to an ....... end.

Pitanje 9:

People tended not to believe a word he said and maintained that his protestations of innocence were wearing a bit ........

Pitanje 10:

He said he'd read my funny story and had laughed twice, which was a sort of back ....... compliment.

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