Pitanje 1:

In this biography she is ....... as a kind sweet old lady but in reality she was a bad tempered old witch.

Pitanje 2:

We sometimes find it difficult to imagine where we come from and believe that we are in fact ....... from apes.

Pitanje 3:

It was possible to look up the topic on the internet but she decided instead to ask her ....... father who knew the answer to most things.

Pitanje 4:

which all describe the kind of sleep that can be ....... at a moment's notice.

Pitanje 5:

One of the most beautiful things about Jakarta is its ....... wealth from both within the archipelago and around the world.

Pitanje 6:

Of course should your guests be ....... to go home to their own beds

Pitanje 7:

Turn on the television and look at the current news programme and you will find everyone discussing the ....... issue of the day.

Pitanje 8:

The situation is more ....... if the learner is a member of your family.

Pitanje 9:

It was a totally new experience for us visiting that factory abroad as we were ....... to all sorts of new techniques.

Pitanje 10:

A ....... customer will always return to the same firm and buy again.

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