Pitanje 1:

Turn on the television and look at the current news programme and you will find everyone discussing the ....... issue of the day.

Pitanje 2:

She suddenly stopped speaking to him on the phone and the conversation came to an ....... end.

Pitanje 3:

I think that you've chosen a very good area of work to seek employment in because I've heard that jobs are ....... there.

Pitanje 4:

Middle Eastern restaurants often have a way of whisking you away to a far off land of belly dancers, exotic spices and ....... drink.

Pitanje 5:

Headlines appeared maintaining that Mathew was a dishonest ....... thief.

Pitanje 6:

People tended not to believe a word he said and maintained that his protestations of innocence were wearing a bit ........

Pitanje 7:

There was absolutely no question about it he was the ....... idiot such as you'd find in one of those old farces.

Pitanje 8:

You don't have to read just novels but also newspapers so that you can see examples of ....... language.

Pitanje 9:

We can offer you a salary that will be ....... with the duties and responsibilities that the job demands.

Pitanje 10:

I've looked everywhere for my key and even carried out an ....... search of my car but I can't find that book.

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