Pitanje 1:

In this biography she is ....... as a kind sweet old lady but in reality she was a bad tempered old witch.

Pitanje 2:

Of course should your guests be ....... to go home to their own beds

Pitanje 3:

I think that you've chosen a very good area of work to seek employment in because I've heard that jobs are ....... there.

Pitanje 4:

The secret of a good interview is to get straight to the point and ask ....... questions.

Pitanje 5:

I know you trust him but I have my doubts about him and must admit to being ....... of him.

Pitanje 6:

Somehow it sounds just a bit more ........

Pitanje 7:

He found himself at the edge of the cliff in a ....... position because one wrong step and he would fall into the sea.

Pitanje 8:

Imagine an ....... public figure attacked by press and public, who is facing an inquiry into allegations of having obtained money by deception.

Pitanje 9:

I'm afraid I shan't be ....... to come on Tuesday because of a prior engagement.

Pitanje 10:

Building Societies currently find themselves in a ....... situation because they try to please the savers and also the borrowers and yet one group is always going to lose.

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