Pitanje 1:

Somehow it sounds just a bit more ........

Pitanje 2:

I've looked everywhere for my key and even carried out an ....... search of my car but I can't find that book.

Pitanje 3:

Building Societies currently find themselves in a ....... situation because they try to please the savers and also the borrowers and yet one group is always going to lose.

Pitanje 4:

In this biography she is ....... as a kind sweet old lady but in reality she was a bad tempered old witch.

Pitanje 5:

The government then has to show that it is involved in the whole business of saving and lending and tries to convince everyone that it is ....... of both savers and lenders.

Pitanje 6:

We sometimes find it difficult to imagine where we come from and believe that we are in fact ....... from apes.

Pitanje 7:

The situation is more ....... if the learner is a member of your family.

Pitanje 8:

Personally I find that although the taste of your lunch is important, it should also look ....... on the plate.

Pitanje 9:

Mind you if there is a very long menu for lunch, it can be a problem for the waiter to deal with a ....... order.

Pitanje 10:

Interviewing applicants for an important job can be a very time ....... process but it's worth it in the end.

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